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Post Game Analysis

Made for Coaches

This application will change post game analysis. Find out what is the usage and efficiency of every set you are running, and make the necessary adjustments. Beta version already online. 

I'm now ready to personalize the app for specific needs. Contact me for more info. 

Version 1.2 Update:

- Added Turnover Analysis: where are turnovers coming from? 

- Added Possession Quality: grade each possession and analyse correlation between Calls, quality and Point per Possession

-Added combined data: not just one game, combine data and discover season trends. 

What has been your most productive call in the last 5 games? 

Coming up next:

-Opponent's Defense: what ballscreen defense is hurting you the most? What kind of pressbreak caused the most turnovers? 

-Logistic Regression: associate calls and player with the probability of scoring ( need 1000+ possessions)

Get Started
1) Download Template

The example contains the game we played at Bakersfield, and it shows how you would need to fill the play by play template! 

2) Upload File

Browse your library and upload either the example or your own game. You can choose between set calls efficiency, players efficiency, and a combined graph. 

Want to open the app in a new window?

Questions? Email or call me 24/7

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